Successful installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of a TetraNode network depend on the skills of the users responsible for performing these tasks. To make sure that your users obtain the required skills, Rohill has appointed qualified and experienced trainers to give the Technical Training courses.

In order to meet the needs of the various types of users, different standard Technical Training courses are available. Each Technical Training course has been developed to guarantee the level of knowledge and competence of a specific type of user.

Rohill offers the following standard Technical Training courses:

  • Subscriber Management;
  • System Configuration;
  • System Operation and Maintenance, which includes Subscriber Management and System Configuration.

In addition to these standard Technical Training courses, a more dedicated Technical Training course can be developed to meet the specific needs of the users of a TetraNode system.

Each Technical Training course includes a theoretical part and a practical part with case studies and exercises. The purpose of the exercises is to check the ability of the trainees to put the theories into practice.

Trainees who have successfully completed the Technical Training will receive a Training Certificate.

The Technical Training courses are normally held at our premises in Hoogeveen where all training equipment and training materials are available including a fully equipped training room. On special request, Rohill may decide to hold the Technical Training course at the Partners or end-user’s facility.

For more information about Technical Training courses, contact your Rohill Sales contact or