TETRA for Airports

TETRA leaves DMR far behind when it comes to data capacity and throughput, the number of data messages per second being four times higher. Powerful voice and data capabilities of TETRA include duplex voice calls and IP-packet data. Especially the availability of radios with built-in GPS, Radio User Assignment and intrinsically safe ATEX terminals is highly appreciated in the airport and seaport sectors. TETRA being an open standard and offering interoperability of system elements, customers can choose any mix of technologies, with the full confidence that they will work together seamlessly.

TetraNode-industrialTetraNode for Airports

Apart from the high data capacity and throughput, TetraNode offers a powerful open API interface enabling radio users to connect with the airport’s and seaport’s IT processes. But there is more, such as the seamless operation of group calls from a telephone set without the use of PTT. Or the benefits of Radio User Assignment. With this feature, any radio can be assigned to any user. The entered personnel number becomes the new radio unit number. For airport and seaport companies, where shift work is very common, this is a valuable, cost-saving feature. Finally, TetraNode supports the collective individual call. The first one to answer a call to a pre-defined airport or seaport group, be it a TETRA radio, a telephone user or a dispatcher, gets the call. This combines the advantages of a hunt group with the challenges of multi-type user environments like airports and seaports.

Our Airport customers

Uptime is extremely important in business-critical environments like airports and seaports. No wonder our customers appreciate the 99.999% availability (six minutes per year) of the TetraNode network. They also greatly value the fact that with our future-proof IP-based platform they can seamlessly migrate into the next generation broadband networks based on LTE. Together with the wide range of features and benefits that have resulted in improved operations, it is no real surprise that many airports and seaports have found TetraNode to be the best and most comprehensive solution for their communications. 

Selection of Airports and Seaports references

Brazil Guarulhos Airport, Brazil
Denmark SAS Copenhagen Airport, Denmark
Germany Düsseldorf Airport, Germany -
Greenland Thule Airport, Greenland
Netherlands ECT, The Netherlands
Netherlands Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands - Read more... / See more...
South-Africa South African Airports, South Africa -
Spain Adolfo Suárez Airport, Madrid-Barajas, Spain -