TETRA for industry

It is now an accepted fact that TETRA is indeed a competitive solution compared to other standards like DMR. Users benefit from all the increased functionality available from TETRA, including group calls, individual calls, priority calls, emergency calls (with pre-emption), scan groups, short data and status messages as standard. When it comes to data capacity and throughput, TETRA leaves DMR far behind. Especially the availability of radios with built-in GPS, Radio User Assignment as well as intrinsically safe ATEX terminals is much appreciated in the industry. And, of course, TETRA is a truly open standard bringing together technologies from around the world with seamless interoperability. All this places TETRA as the best standard for business-critical communications in the industry sector.


TetraNode for industry

Rohill’s TetraNode is well-tuned to meet the most demanding industrial communications needs. In particular needs related to operations, maintenance, safety and security. Primarily, TetraNode offers robust communications for safety-critical operations. For dispatch operations, TetraNode offers a variety of applications and devices, including full PC and small desktop solutions. Last but not least, TetraNode supports a wide range of PABXs, including legacy analogue and ISDN as well as modern SIP-based PABX solutions. Rohill’s TetraNode is completely modular and scalable, with full redundancy to cope with all eventualities. So, apart from just being feature-rich, TetraNode is as finely-tuned to industrial communications needs as any system can be.

Our customers in industry

More than anything, our customers appreciate the low total cost of ownership (TCO) of our TetraNode solutions. This is the result of low capital expenditure (investment in the solution and implementation effort) as well as low operational expenditure (low energy and maintenance costs). Because of its simplicity, TetraNode bears no secrets for our customers. They fully comprehend the system and are therefore capable of managing and maintaining it themselves. To put it short and simple, low TCO + ease of deployment and operation = a very satisfied customer base in the industry sector.

Selection of Industry references

Australia First Quantum Nickel Mine, Australia
Belgium Air Liquide, Belgium
Denmark Avedøreværket, Denmark
Netherlands Amsterdam RAI, The Netherlands - Read more... / See more...
Netherlands FloraHolland Aalsmeer, The Netherlands - Read more... / See more...
Norway Borregaard, Norway
South-Africa PPL Mine, South Africa