TETRA for Oil & Gas

TETRA, as opposed to DMR and PMR, is the preferred mobile communications standard for Oil & Gas applications. TETRA-based solutions offer many benefits that help these companies to improve their operations and enhance staff safety. To name a few, the TETRA standard supports comprehensive voice and data capabilities, radios with built-in GPS, SCADA interfaces, Radio User Assignment (RUA) and explosion-proof (ATEX) radios for use in safety-critical environments. Standard TETRA functionality includes group calls, individual calls, priority calls, emergency calls (with pre-emption), scan groups, short data and status messages.

TetraNode-oil-and-gasTetraNode for Oil & Gas

Compared to other TETRA solutions, TetraNode offers the highest data throughput and lowest latency for SCADA applications in the Oil & Gas industry. Its open API for data-centric application development enables remote control and monitoring of devices such as valves and flow sensors. TetraNode can integrate with all PABX systems currently in use within the industry, including ISDN, QSIG, 2-wire and SIP. With its best-of-class RF performance TetraNode delivers the best coverage with the fewest sites, for instance alongside pipelines covering large areas. This makes TetraNode the ultimate solution for Oil & Gas applications, ensuring best value for money.

Our customers in Oil & Gas

Among our customers are several large companies in the Oil & Gas industry. Our customers appreciate the open, modular and scalable features of our TetraNode system as they make it possible to fit the varying requirements of different oil platforms. TetraNode’s high reliability, offering no-single-point-of-failure, is of paramount importance to our customers in the offshore industry. One great benefit is that it saves them costs of flying in maintenance personnel to platforms. We further earned customer respect with our innovative duplex conference call capability. This safety-critical call feature enables radio users on a platform to stay in touch all the time whereby all users involved are alerted when one of them unexpectedly leaves the call. All that with no loss of audio quality and with minimum speech delay.

Selection of oil & gas references

Argentina YPF, Argentina
Australia Chevron, Australia
Australia Conoco Darwin Offshore, Australia
Denmark Ekofisk, Denmark
Niger Imouraren, Niger
Nigeria Exxon Mobil, Nigeria -
Norway ConocoPhillips, Norway 
Russia TNK-BP Saratov, Russia