TETRA for public safety

TETRA is the best solution for public safety applications, offering increased capacity, functionality and security compared to legacy systems. Popular TETRA terminal features for the public safety sector include encryption, authentication and ambience listening. In any case, TETRA offers the highest data capacity and throughput compared to other narrowband PMR standard. Only TETRA can guarantee the availability required for mission-critical communications, which underlines the value for money that TETRA delivers.


TetraNode for public safety

TetraNode offers real advantages to the public safety market. First, it consists of a carrier-grade platform which ensures the highest grade of availability exceeding 99.999%. In addition, integration with modern IP/MPLS-based backhaul networks is fully supported by Tetranode. Using IP/MPLS, Rohill can offer superior redundancy options with less than 50 milliseconds of interruption in case of link or network problems. TetraNode also incorporates powerful dispatch features, including pre-emption of ongoing voice calls, PTT override, a patch functionality to instantly interconnect groups, and discreet as well as ambience listening. All designed to operate in a very user-friendly manner. As a unique capability, TetraNode allows operation and recording of end-to-end encryption from the control room. Finally, TetraNode enables public safety agencies to communicate in closed user groups, but it also allows multi-agency operation.

Our public safety customers

Our customers recognize the substantial lower costs of ownership of our solutions compared to that of other TETRA manufacturers. CAPEX and OPEX are low because of our competitive pricing, simple system configuration and low energy and maintenance costs. Our base stations provide best-of-class performance and offer superior coverage. Customers also like the interference protection and robust performance of our base stations. Finally, there is the seamless integration into broadband data, including the capability to offer voice and data services that are fully interoperable between TETRA radios and LTE smartphones or dedicated devices. All this shows that public safety services are well-served with TetraNode.

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