TETRA for public transport

TETRA is the best solution for public transport applications. Compared to all other narrowband bearer technologies, TETRA offers the best capacity, functionality and security. The support of PEI interfaces, enabling integration with on-board computers, brings great opportunities for increasing operational efficiency. But there are more advantages of TETRA that are seen by the public transport sector. The public address facility, for instance, allows a dispatcher in a control room to make announcements to the passengers using the intercom system inside the train, without the intervention of the driver. The same dispatcher can also send messages to on-board displays to show traffic information, like expected arrival times. Talking about passenger and driver safety, the emergency call option enables the radio user on board to make a life connection to the control room in case of emergency situations, with one press of the button. Compared to GSM-R, functionality and performance have much improved. Call setup time, for instance, is considerably faster in TETRA than in GSM-R.

TetraNode-industrialTetraNode for public transport

TetraNode offers the highest data capacity and throughput compared with other TETRA infrastructures. In addition, Rohill offers specialized dispatch solutions optimized for public transport operations. Customized features include the possibility to communicate with all trains on one specific train or underground line at the same time. TetraNode’s open API interface enables integration with IT systems, including safety-critical signalling applications, making separate signalling systems a thing of the past.

Our public transport customers

Thanks to our agile development process, we have been able to deliver highly customized dispatch solutions at competitive prices. Every day our customers in public transport are experiencing the benefits of these customized solutions compared with off-the-shelf products. They also appreciate the fact that our future-proof platform can seamlessly integrate with modern IP networks and LTE. Among our partners are some of the most specialized system integrators in the transport sector. Most important, our TetraNode solution offers proven scalability with high capacity and performance which is necessary for safety and business-critical communications in public transport.

Selection of Public Transport references

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